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Frequently asked questions about Naturism and Naturist Clubs

Why join a Naturist Club?

We all recognise the difficulties of finding somewhere quiet and private just to be naturist.  Naturist clubs provide this opportunity in a safe, natural environment, amongst other naturists.  Naturist clubs have existed for many years, and most are not expensive.  A Club also gives you the opportunity to meet other naturists and socialise.  Many naturists start on beaches, or in the privacy of their own home and garden - becoming a member of a naturist club is a natural progression.

Does everyone always have to be naked on a Naturist Club site?

Not at all.  If the weather is warm, then most members prefer to be naked.  However, some of our lady members like to cover up with a sarong when leaving their own pitch and walking about the site.  Our lady members sometimes wear bikini bottoms when helping out around the site.  In colder weather most people put warm clothes on - though there are a few hardy souls who don't feel the cold.

What are your opening dates?

We are open from 1st March to 31st October.  These opening dates are set by the local council and we're not able to change the official opening dates.  Members are able to visit their caravans outside this time, to work on them, or on the site, but the facilities are not open.   

Is Naturism just about nudity or do you have to have a 'back to nature' philosophy?

Most naturists have a healthy respect for the environment and at Valley we like to encourage a respect for nature, and the eco-system, so that we ask that you take rubbish home for disposal and recycling, and we recommend the use of green toilet chemicals.  However, we're not activists and enjoy the modern world and modern conveniences just as much as the next man!

Should I be worried about my body shape?

Naturists come in all shapes and sizes, and being nude makes you  have a much more positive attitude to body shape.  Few naturists worry about dieting, losing weight, or  about their clothes' size.  Bodies, breasts and penises come in all manor of shapes and sizes.   There are very few people who have a perfect body - but if you do, don't worry, you'll be just as welcome!!!

Asked mostly by men - I'd like to try nudity but I'm worried that I'll become aroused and embarrass myself and other people - does this happen?

Rarely! Few mature men are aroused by the sight of a woman naked, if she is comfortable with her body.  Standing chatting to someone who is not wearing clothes is not usually a turn on.  But most naturists usually have a towel with them (used for putting down on a chair before sitting on it, for reasons of hygiene) so if it does happen you'll generally be able to hide behind your towel!

Hairy or not?  I've read different things about people shaving  - is it necessary?

Some naturists prefer the smooth look, but there are as many who leave their body hair strictly alone.  Some prefer a 'bit of a trim', others a fashionable ' airstrip' or a neat triangle.  There are as many variations of body hair styles as there are head hair styles!

I have a nasty operation scar.  Will this matter?

Not at all.  In fact being a naturist will make you much less conscious about operation scars, or any other physical difference in your body to that of others. Naturists are very non-judgemental about scars, stretch marks, or physical disabilities.

I only have an old caravan.  Does a member's caravan have to be a new model?

Not at all.  Many of our members' caravans could take pride of place in a Vintage parade - especially those which are on site all year.  Some members who wish to tow their caravans for holidays elsewhere may have a newer van.  We do take a 'bond' to ensure that if people end their membership they have to remove their caravan from the site.  However, if anyone doesn't wish to take their caravan away, and it's in good condition, the club may consider accepting it as a donation.

I've heard that Naturist Clubs are just a front for swingers.  Is this true?

No - absolutely not!  Almost all Naturist clubs take pride in being 'Family orientated' and most clubs have family members, couples, and singles, who just enjoy the experience of naturism without any sexual overtones.  There are probably clubs for Swingers out there - but Valley Club at Harrogate is not one of them!

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