End of Season Message

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Well, once again it’s arrived! and we have, sadly, reached the end of our season at Valley Club - Harrogate. 


2018 has been quite exceptional; we’ve had our ups and downs, like most communities do (mmm, that sounds like there could be a Karaoke opportunity there), and one of the big ups this year was the winning of the Phoenix Trophy, for the first time, from the YSS club at Hull. For people who don’t know, this is an annual Boules Competition held every July between YSS and valley Club - Harrogate for the Phoenix Trophy; a competition which Valley Club - Harrogate has never won before (UNTIL NOW). The competition is held at each club's site on alternate years and is fiercely contested by both sides. This year we won the trophy on the Hull ground... All we have to do now is keep it. 


Also, the weather has been unbelievably perfect throughout the summer with temperatures reaching into the 30˚s  making for a naturist's dreamland. The only complaints came from the grass which got a little ‘browned off’ with the lack of sustenance, ie rain, and high temperatures but all is well now. 


Valley Club would like to thank its members for their support, contributions and hard work throughout the year which has kept the club moving forward with upgrades to our site to take us into a great season in 2019.


We would also like to thank you, our visitors and guests, for joining us this year, some new and some returning faces, and for becoming part of our community during your stay. Your company was much appreciated and we hope to be able to accommodate your naturist holidays breaks in the coming season when we look forward to seeing you again.


From everyone at Valley… we wish you a very Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.