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Throughout the year there are a whole range of events showing at the Yorkshire Showground and the Harrogate International Centre. If you are a naturist and wish to attend one of these events, or maybe you are showing at one, then call Anne on 07929415602 and arrange to book a site for your caravan or to pitch your tent at Valley Club Harrogate and stay with us. It’s just a 10-minute drive to both the Harrogate Showground and the Harrogate International Centre.

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Sights in the town include the remains of Knaresborough Castle, Mother Shipton's Cave, the House in the Rock, the railway viaduct over the river Nidd, and St Robert's Cave (dating from the Middle Ages). Knaresborough is the site of Ye Oldest Chymist Shoppe in England, opened in 1720, and the Courthouse Museum in the castle grounds.

The principal areas of public open space are the Knaresborough Castle grounds, Horseshoe Field, the King George V Playing Field and Jacob Smith Park, a 30 acres (12 ha) parkland on the edge of the town, bequeathed to Knaresborough by Miss Winifred Jacob Smith in 2003.[13]

Conyngham Hall is situated close to the town centre. It is currently used to accommodate businesses and as parkland. Until the 1980s there was a small zoo in the grounds.

Near to the castle are Bebra Gardens, formerly the Moat Gardens, renamed after Knaresborough's twin town in Germany. The Commercial (formerly Borough Bailiff) public house, owned by the Samuel Smith Brewery, is the oldest pub in Knaresborough

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