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Valley Club is open for the 2022 season

If you would like more information about becoming a member or would like to arrange a visit to learn more, please contact Richard (details below) who would be happy to answer any queries that you may have, whether you're a seasoned naturist or a complete newbie.



Membership can be either: Sited Member or Day Member:

As a sited member, you can bring your own caravan and site it on any vacant pitch available and then come and stay whenever you want to, and for as long as you want to.


As a day member, you can come along whenever you want to and use the facilities or join in the events, as you wish. If you have a tent or caravan you can come along and stay over night (see below for charges), or you can stay in the club’s caravan if it is available (see below for charges).



Membership subscriptions for 2022:

£135 per person per year membership fee. (N.B. there is no charge for children under 18 years, when joining as part of a family.)

£165 annual pitch fee if you wish to keep a caravan on site or retain your own pitch for a motorhome (plus initial bond of £150, returned when you remove your caravan)

Members using club caravan -  £16.00 per night

Members with tent/caravan -  £10.00 per night


Membership applications will be subject to your completing an application form, and a prior visit.

Please contact our Membership Secretary, and arrange a visit to come and see us.

All memberships are accepted by agreement with the committee.


A member lying in sun beside their caravan

For Membership Information:



 Contact - Richard 07340 177142 - email

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