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Valley Club - Harrogate

Visit Valley Club - Harrogate



Visitor Fees 2019:

Fees for non-members (per day):

Visitors with caravan:  £12.00 (plus £4 pp per night temporary membership)

Visitors with m/home: £12.00 (plus £4 pp per night temporary membership)

Visitors with tent:        £ 10.00 (plus £4 pp per night temporary membership)

(N.B No electric hook-ups are available)

Day visitors:                £10.00 per day



Accommodation to rent (per unit per night for 2019)

Holiday caravan:           £14.00 plus £4 pp per day




Local Attractions include:

Yorkshire Showground

Harrogate International Centre

Knarsborough Castle & Mother Shipton's Cave

For Information please Contact;

Membership - Anne, 07929 415602 - email,

Visitor - Paul,   07432 577847 -

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